From the Founder

The passion of serving the needy is endless. Kritagyata shaped up when I found myself with lot of restrictions to help the needy and understood that to do service I need to write my own pros and cons.

After spending a decade in working with various NGOs and various volunteer social projects, as we involve more deeper in supporting the needy, once you will soon realize a fact that, there is always a growing gap. Over period of time, various organizations try to scale up, but for various reasons, they saturate at some point.

The only reason is to make sure that they sustain the quality and commitment with the current program. It is in this moment, new NGO jump, take the torch and run into an unexplored territory. I was at this Juncture once, with months of introspection and with lots of encouragement from supporters, I decided to walk on the path which was very less walked.

Kritagyata can also be explained as my gratitude towards my god who has given this wonderful and meaningful life. My family who has always stood by me to fulfill my dream to serve the needy.

My experience for a decade with different NGOs has given me lot of courage and confidence to take this initiative to the next level of practical implementation.

Kritagyata as of today in a sprouting stage, soon to be a very big tree which can give shelter to lot many who deserves.

For kritagyata
Aruna Diwakar
Founder – President