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"At the outset, the very thought of being socially associated with society and make ones presence felt in translating ideas and to transform in reality is something which always appears to be an abstract, because talking is something different to action, but I felt exception is in the case of Mrs Aruna who has chosen to tread a different path by choosing a career which brings smile in destitute children and ignored elderly women."I am glad to vouch for Mrs. Aruna Diwakar and her social venture “Kritagyata"
I know personally Mrs Aruna , President for the last 6 years. She have been doing amazing work for the cause of poor and needy in the city of Bangalore. She is an extremely committed and passionate women. I am sure she will continue to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable sections of the society. Punya is glad to be associated with her organization. I confidently vouch Kritagyata’s activities & projects particularly “Vidya Spoorthi",authenticate the credentials of Kritagyata ."

Varun V Singhi
Founder and Chief volunteer
Punya An Inspired Vision to Help.
Few years back, we a group of parents (which includes professional doctors and holistic healers) were looking to facilitate and advocate the use of ancient lifestyle practices to the needy one. One of the projects was to facilitate Ayurvedic way to building better brain power and help young children build immunity in a natural way called as swarna prashana. It was at that time, when we met Aruna, it was inspiring to see a person who appreciate the value of our ancient practices and follow the holistic advises with great dedication and commitment.

It is indeed a great honor to say few words about her dedication. I seek the nature to support her in this highest form of humanity service.

Velu Jayaprakash
Founder of SwarnaPrashana.Org
When Aruna asked us to write something for testimonial we thought hard on what to write. We don’t know whether we are good enough to advice others, so we just want to share our experience. We have been donating whatever I can to Aruna for close to 6 years now and we feel that whatever small contributions that we made have been well accounted for. I have been able to see how the money has been spent, receive reports of children and frankly I am more than satisfied on how the organization has been run. I know for a fact that many people want to contribute for a good cause but they are afraid on how their money will be spent. If you are one of them I would just like to tell you that this is a great organization and you will feel great for choosing KRITAGYATA.
Please don’t mistake us, we just want to point out that whatever we have decided to spend on a good cause, GOD will repay us one way or another. I am sure everyone would like to contribute to the needy people in society the best they can. For me it took 3 years for these thoughts to become actions, and I regret that I didn’t start the moment I started earning. I know many of you feel the same way as me but didn’t turn them into actions yet. We have received a letter at the end of previous academic year from the principal of the school with the mark list of the kids that are sponsored by Kritagyata. We wish that everybody in the world should feel the same joy and satisfaction we felt when we saw it. We welcome you to join the cause and contribute whatever you can. Thank you and we also thank Aruna for being a channel through which we were able to give back something to the society.
Kiran & Padmaa
Serving our own family is our responsibility, but serving the needy children needs more n greater commitment n heart. Kritagyatha is one such organisation with lots of love n interest in building our country's future generations.

Ranjan and Sowjanya
Wolverhampton near Birmingham